About Us

About Us

  • Ask Your Birbal is an online platform to interact/ chat/ talk with qualified and verified professionals / experts. Ask Your Birbal is a one stop marketplace to get professional advice from independent verified professionals who are masters in their respective fields like taxation, company and labour laws, financial services, Intellectual property rights, etc.

    Registered experts are listed according to their professional expertise and the user has an option of selecting the expert of their choice based on the profile of the expert. The experts are also available for hire by any user.

    Quality and Time are the two most essential ingredients in the service industry and Ask Your Birbal ensures the quality by verifying the registered experts and time by providing the medium of voice and video calls to get quick access and relief.

    Ask your Birbal is an effort to ensure that best professional advice is made available to a large number of users in an easy, timely and correct manner.


  • We envision a future for our organization that is typically customer oriented and focuses on customer satisfaction by providing quality advises through our dedicated team of Birbals. We wish to create an organizational environment that caters to not only our customers but also to the Birbals. Our purpose is to create a global platform where provision/ receipt of professional services becomes easier and quicker inconsequential to locations worldwide. Constant innovations and infusion of latest technology for qualitative growth is another aspect that we are determined to focus on for our futuristic goals.